• Leo Wen Zhe, Raffles Institution Class of 2015
    It was simply an indescribable feeling of ecstasy when I received my A for GP.  Never would I have imagined this as I only joined MKB for GP tuition after my CTs with an E (bottom 50 percentile) and yet graduated with flying colours.  I owe this A to Mr. Chong, a tutor who has been extremely patient with me. He constantly encouraged me to go for it and to do my best in every assignment. Yet he never lost hope in me when I did not deliver. His words of encouragement and the unwavering effort to help us improve time and time again complemented his entertaining and enjoyable lessons. As someone who hated GP, I became interested in world affairs and started loving the subject even more. Thank you Mr. Chong!
    Leo Wen Zhe, Raffles Institution Class of 2015
  • Ryan Leong, Raffles Institution Class of 2015
    My Knowledge Base made the road to an A in GP an opportunity for self-development in critical thinking and opinion forming, rather than a potentially arduous slog. The dedicated and caring tutors were the standout during the course, and they were decidedly the key factors that tied the effective and engaging MKB experience together.
    Ryan Leong, Raffles Institution Class of 2015
  • Pang Kim Jin, Hwa Chong Institution Class of 2015
    Mr. Chong and his team of tutors at My Knowledge Base has helped me immensely in both my ‘O’ Levels (C5 to A1 for English) and ‘A’ Levels, (E to A for GP). Mr. Chong’s lessons are both engaging and informative, which provided us with a comprehensive understanding of the topics covered in GP. While other schools and tuition centres may offer quality teaching and teaching materials as well, what sets My Knowledge Base apart from other establishments is its personalised teaching method which really highlights the teachers’ passion for teaching. Class sizes are kept as small as possible, class interaction is stimulated, consultations are provided for free and extra work is always welcome. In the weeks leading up to my ‘A’ Levels, my work was even reviewed by several teachers, despite their hectic schedules, to provide more objective marking and feedback, a highly laudable move which has gained my respect as a student and earned my loyalty as a customer.
    Pang Kim Jin, Hwa Chong Institution Class of 2015
  • Yenne Chua, Anderson Junior College Class of 2015
    I was scoring a U grade continuously throughout year 1 and even for my GP mid year exam in year 2. I then decided to try out this GP tuition that my friend recommended me, hoping that I can at least pass my GP for my 'A' level examination. I am glad to say that I had made a right decision and all my efforts did pay off as i attained a 'B' grade for my GP in the 2015 'A' level examination. Being a student who always finds school's GP lessons dull, I actually enjoyed attending Mr Chong's lectures and lessons. He would ensure that his lessons were interactive and enjoyable, allowing me to better absorb the knowledge and skills taught. Moreover, Mr Chong even provided consultations whereby he would give a detailed explanation on the mistakes that I had made in the assignments I had submitted. In all, I am extremely thankful for Mr Chong's constant guidance and encouragement ever since the day I started tuition. I would definitely recommend anyone who is currently struggling with GP to give this tuition a try :)
    Yenne Chua, Anderson Junior College Class of 2015
  • Marcus Neo, Hwa Chong Institution Class of 2015
    Prior to my enrolment into My Knowledge Base, I was just your sub-par student striving to surpass the average scores in my school. However, nothing seemed to work for me until I chanced upon My Knowledge Base via a friend's recommendation, and it was then when my GP results began to make a turn for the better. GP lessons in MKB was easy going, due to the cheerful and cheeky nature of my tutor Mr Chong. Although witty at times, Mr Chong always ensures that all his students have meaningful takeaways after every lesson and never leaves anyone behind. Moreover, he is always open for private consultation whenever my peers and I need additional coaching. Towards the A levels, MKB held multiple back-to-back lectures comprising different GP topics that were in-depth and content-heavy. I personally feel that these lectures gave me the confidence in facing my A level examinations, and in general MKB boosted my knowledge in GP and corrected my application skills. These were the contributing factors that led to my pleasant A Level GP results, and this was only through the aid of MKB and Mr Chong.
    Marcus Neo, Hwa Chong Institution Class of 2015
  • Timothy Lai, Raffles Institution Class of 2015
    Before I was taught by Mr Chong, my GP grades were fluctuating, and I did not understand the requirements of the subject at all. My essays lacked direction, and my comprehension answers had no rigour and structure. However, through Mr Chong's patient teaching, I was able to grasp a better understanding of the subject, and my confidence in tackling GP papers improved as he equipped me with the proper answering techniques. I soon established a coherent argumentative flow in my essays and structure in my comprehension answers.  I improved my S in CT1 to an A in the A levels, a grade which I could not have imagined a year ago. This complete overhaul in the way I wrote would not have been possible without Mr Chong's guidance. His care and concern for his students is evident, and he never complains when we give him extra work to mark, even encouraging us to do so, wanting us to do the best that we can. This amount of attention and effort laboured on every student would not be possible with any other tutor. With his quirky sense of humour, lessons are never boring too. I'm confident that it is truly through his guidance that I was able to achieve the GP grade that I had been aiming for.
    Timothy Lai, Raffles Institution Class of 2015
  • Emily Kwon, Anderson Junior College Class of 2015
    I scored A in ‘A’ level General Paper thanks to all the guidance and motivation from the tutors. General Paper in schools might focus more on content rather than writing styles and thinking. MKB has trained me to think before diving into each question,  and it has helped me a lot in terms of answering questions with personal insights and relevant examples regardless of topics. I would like to thank Mr Chong, Ms Wong, and Mr Lu for their wonderful lessons.
    Emily Kwon, Anderson Junior College Class of 2015
  • Nadea Merchant, TKGS Class of 2014
    I first joined Mr Chong's lessons at the start of secondary three as I was unable to manage the new English O Level syllabus. I had been receiving low grades and as a result this dampened my confidence in the subject. Attending Mr Chong's class has made me more confident of my abilities and has also honed my abilities. I feel that he gives all his students useful advice on our areas of improvement and specific practices for us to work on based on what we need help with. This really helped me in identifying my weaknesses and correcting them. Mr Chong's lessons are not only insightful but are also extremely interesting. Each week we focused on different current affairs and I feel that this has increased my awareness of what is happening around the world. This has also helped me in my essay writing as I have gained insight on the different perspectives of certain issues. Mr Chong is a very motivating teacher and he has inspired me to not only work hard on the subject but to also enjoy it. Now I am able to truly appreciate the English language as compared to it being just another subject that I have to do. It is with much thanks to Mr Chong that I was able to attain an A1 in English for my O Level examinations.
    Nadea Merchant, TKGS Class of 2014